Sharp Display

Sharp Display Connect Software

Optional Touch Display Connect*¹ software supports effective and multifaceted communication. Onscreen content— including handwritten notes and drawings—can be viewed simultaneously on the Sharp Interactive Displays and on mobile devices*² such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Touch Display Connect facilitates interactive presentations, lively discussions, and paperless meetings in both business and educational settings.


Sharp Collaboration


Key features

  • Simple and User Friendly Interface
  • Sharing of onscreen content
  • Easy File Transfer
  • Supported Information Devices : Windows OS/Mac OS/iPhone/iPad/Android platforms
  • Remote Control of Sharp Intelligent Touch Board from Information Devices
  • Upto 50* Information Devices can be connected simultaneously
  • User can capture onscreen images and save them on their Information devices to make personal memos
  • Sharp Display Connect also connects two Intelligent Touch Boards on the same network (intranet, VPN, etc.) to enable larger-scale interactive communication



* 2 Access Points with cascading would be required.

Product Description

Smart Collaboration