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SMEF has teamed up with easescreen to manage the various audiovisual communication requirements. The user-friendly easescreen Digital Signage-software enables you to communicate your desired messages and information via digital displays in multiple places. It may be operated quickly and easily from your workplace – and can be precisely adjusted to meet your requirements. Available in several versions and suitable for all purposes, the possibilities extend from ‘Stand-Alone-Solutions’ to branch network solutions. easescreen’s modular structure offers great flexibility. It can be tailored to fit each individual’s specific needs and budget.

This signage solution will add to the array of solutions provided by SMEF, to deliver key messages in the desired manner by making the entire process easy-to-use and intuitive.



Control, Monitoring & Setup

  • Easy administration and monitoring of player pc’s and output devices
  • Quick system setup since all databases and plugins are included
  • Completely automated monitoring via different devices
  • Live screenshots of each output
  • Billing tool for account planning through continuously recorded content, system information and access logs


  • Integration of customer feedback systems via cameras and sensors
  • Audio server
  • Integrations of live video and TV sources
  • Extension and integration of 3rd party systems (additional hardware or external software)
  • Easy setup of arbitrary positioned displays within video walls


  • Simple distribution of content in different groups and flexible scheduling
  • No server necessary, but recommended for large network)
  • No continuous network connection required
  • Bandwidth management
  • Flexible and secure transfers (PUSH and PULL, SSL encrypted data transfer)
  • Multi-client capability through user management with a powerful rights management system
  • Active directory and LDAP integration

Content Editing, Importing & Scheduling of Content

  • Designing, scheduling and distributing in one single application (easescreen Screen Manager)
  • Additional web based administration (web interface, Web CMS) and booking tools
  • Hot folder function
  • Flexible creation of screen layouts and playlists with any number of different layouts
  • Great deal of format variety
  • Preview of files and playlist
  • Smooth text tickers
  • Full RTF Editor for text and RSS tickers
  • Selection of film sections via timecode
  • Native support of PowerPoint files without an additional PowerPoint license
  • Interactive page flipping in PowerPoint and .pdf files
  • Import of external content sources via .xml and.csv
  • Recognize Flash-vars in Flash-files
  • Automatic scrolling and refreshing of web pages and section of web pages
  • Various triggers (network, RS232, field values) for interactive events
  • Presentation-Date-Limits and primetime feature for each event and playlist
  • Deep integration of online sources as web pages, RSS feeds and live streams
  • Great deal of interactive functionality (touch screens, sensors, smart devices, etc.)
  • Shuffle function within playlists
  • Different languages (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish, Polish)
  • Unlimited layering of contents performed by the 3-D rendering engine
  • Numerous transition, alpha masking and motion effects


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