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SMEF has teamed up with Media4Display to manage the various audiovisual communication requirements. Media4Display is a digital signage solution that enables the remote control of the external or internal communications on all types of screens and in any location. With this new venture, various functions such as; assembling and scheduling various multimedia contents, targeting of all types of screens, broadcasting of personalized programs and the control of player functionality are possible. In terms of display, Media4Display can manage all types of multimedia content, control all screens and manage up to four screens with four different types of content using one player.

The solution can be applied in point of sale networks, banks, insurance and travel agencies, shopping centers, parking lots, airports etc. Some of the benefits include; communication in real time, increase revenue, boost impulse purchases, train network personnel, add value to the brand image etc.  This signage solution will add to the array of solutions provided by SMEF, to deliver key messages in the desired manner by making the entire process easy-to-use and intuitive.

Create Program

  •  Use  Media4Display  to gather, maintain, and assemble media to be “played” on all of your screens.
  • Its ergonomic web interface makes it easy to use. It’s flexible. Create your messages any time and anywhere using a web browse

Broadcast Synchronize Control

  • Use Media4Display to broadcasts using any kind of IP connection: ADSL, XDSL, 3G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Dynamically target your messages according to your location, screen placements and settings
  • You have permanent control over your network of screens

View Display

  • Media4Display can manage all types of multimedia content: image, video, PowerPoint, Flash, HTML, RSS feed
  • Control all types of screens
  • Manage up to 4 screens with 4 different types of content using 1 player



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