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Mobiliya Edvelop is a digital classroom platform that consists of variety of LMS tools and resources for Teachers, Students, Parents, Publishers, IT admins and Management of Academic Institutes alike.

Teacher & Student Dashboard

A unified interface that allows students and teachers to get a bird's eye view of all updates – classes, schedules, notices, events and new arrivals

Test & Assignment

Assign subject-wise tests & assignments to selected classes and check the current status of each test or assignment

Events & Notice

Teachers can create events, set date, time & location and send invites to a specific set of students or an entire class.


Edvelop supports interactive content and lets you highlight, annotate, share, and bookmark content on digital textbooks

Virtual Bag

A unique Edvelop-only digital library of all textbooks and school books.


Analytics & insights for various tests and assignments to track the performance of each student or an entire class

Content Store & Content Authoring

A content marketplace to access and purchase digital content. Content Authoring tool allows teachers to create study material by blending content

Discussion Board

A discussion forum where teachers can initiate class/school-level discussions and students can participate




Product Description

Mobiliya Edvelop