Windows collaboration display from Sharp

The next generation collaboration device – the Windows collaboration display from Sharp (PN-CD701) – is here!  The world’s first Microsoft certified collaboration display , with Skype for Business certification, is the state-of-the-art 4K 70” interactive display equipped with the latest technologies that optimize smart meeting room environments and collaboration spaces. With the Windows collaboration display, you can start working together in your meetings instantly and it works seamlessly with the best Microsoft 365 collaboration tools.

Creating a Smarter Teamwork Collaboration

Sharp and Microsoft understood the business needs which why the PN-CD701 has a USB-C port that offers a simple single connection which covers all the video, touch, and network data needs, and even charges your connected device. Additional integrated wireless casting makes it easy to share information from PCs, laptops, mobiles, and tablets without the need for cables.

Microsoft sharp display collaboration interactive 70 inches 4k touch screen

The PN-CD701 includes a next-generation 4K 70″ Class Interactive display, built-in microphone, 4K camera and IoT sensor hub that works seamlessly with the best Microsoft 365 collaboration tools. It’s all backed by the cloud* to deliver outstanding ease of use and enable the continual analysis of meeting room conditions and usage.



A State-of-the-art Display that offers IoT technologies


Occupancy – a motion sensor detects the presence of any people in the room


Air quality – the Windows collaboration display continually measures and analyses the ambient air quality


Temperature & Humidity – the intelligent climate measurement can monitor Temperature & Humidity in a meeting room


Light – An ambient light sensor helps with intelligent lighting control, as it automatically measures the level of light

World’s First Microsoft Certified Interactive Display

pn cd701 sharp windows collaboration display


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Product Description

70″ 4k Interactive Display with IoT Hub