The Sharp PN-VC652HNS with high picture quality and interactivity functions is also suitable for business applications. It can simply be installed in meeting rooms to be used for presentations, video conferences, interactive lectures, and seminars. It helps business executives to have effective and distraction-free presentations by facilitating interaction between the presenter and the audience. The product can play a variety of media content including images, videos, and power point presentations. The presenters and participants can share files and the materials with audience devices.

Combining LCD touch screen display technology with interactivity, SHARP 65″ UHD Intelligent Touch Board is an interactive dynamic and engaging solution for education and business environment


Embedded USB Media Player
The In-Built USB Media Player allows for Picture, Audio and Video content to be played directly from a USB.


Wireless Connectivity
The PN-VC652HNS has built-in wireless functionality. Simply touch the screen and your smartphone, tablet or computer* will immediality download an app that lets it send images wirelessly to the display. No need for tangled wires or conversion adapters. WiDi & Miracast is available for screen sharing.

* Compatble with Windows and Android TM operating systems Note: Requires wireless LAN access points to connect Display and devices




Product Description

65″ 4K Interactive Touch Board