Interactive Touch Board smart display


Combining LCD touch screen display technology with interactivity, SHARP 84” UHD Interactive Touch Board is an interactive, dynamic, and engaging solution for education and business environment.

Office Solutions

Sharp PN-VC841H  is suitable for the business applications. It can simply be installed in meeting rooms to be used for presentations, video conferences, interactive lectures , and seminars . It helps business executives to have effective and distraction free presentations by facilitating interaction between the presenter and the audience. The product can play a variety of media content including images, videos, and power point presentations. The presenters and participants can share files and other materials with audience devices . In addition, presenters can control the devices of the attendees during sessions.

Education Solutions

SHARP INTELLIGENT TOUCH BOARD is an innovative and user-friendly product solution that has been designed to enhance the education process, helping instructors to create an engaging and responsive learning environment for their students. Offering LCD touch screen technology, end users can write on the board with a pen or even their fingers. Documents, presentations, videos and websites can also be navigated and scrolled through, simply by touching the screen. A versatile product solution, the white board can save notes, graphs, text and audio files, enabling end users to print, e-mail or share them instantly or at a later time.



  • Write on the screen with your finger or a pen, and erase
  • Touch the screen to navigate through documents, videos, presentations, or websites
  • Make notes, draw shapes, move, scale, or rotate the images with a finger touch
  • Save your notes, graphs, text, audio files to print, e-mail, or share them
  • Switch from writing notes to navigating applications and back
  • Create video or audio files to teach an application or a lecture to be posted
  • Record instructions as video files and post the materials for review by student*
  • Control the PCs / tablets in the classroom from the display*
  • Conduct quizzes and capture feedback on the display*

* These functions are available with the appropriate optional software.

Technical Specification

Display Size 84-inch-class
Max. Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels
Installation Landscape
Brightness 350 cd/m2
Pixel Pitch (H x V) 0.744 mm
Contrast Ratio  1400:1
Viewing Angle (H/V) 178° / 178°
Backlight Edge  LED


RGB Input VGA In
HDMI HDMI 1.4 + HDMI 2.0
USB  USB B-Type (For external touch only)
Touchscreen Touch Technology Infrared multi-touch screen
  Touch Points 10 points
General Speaker Output 2x 13.5 W Audio Output Power
Power Power Supply 110 – 240 VAC / 50 – 60Hz
Dimension  (W x D x H) (approx.) (Display only) 1954 mm x 1139 mm x 109 mm

*1 Brightness will depend on input mode and other picture settings. Brightness level will decrease over time. Due to the nature of the equipment, it is not possible to precisely maintain a constant level of brightness.
*2 Built-in PC specification may change based on the customer requirement.



Product Description

84″ UHD Interactive Touch Board