Suitable for both Schools and Business offices, the Sharp’s 86” UHD Intelligent Touch Board PN-VC862HNS facilitates learning, information sharing, and encourages interactive communication. Sharp PN- VC862HNS is an excellent product to connect teachers and students, as well as presenters and attendees.


Embedded USB Media Player
The In-Built USB Media Player allows for Picture, Audio and Video content to be played directly from a USB.


Wireless Connectivity
The PN-VC862HNS has built-in wireless functionality. Simply touch the screen and your smartphone, tablet or computer* will immediality download an app that lets it send images wirelessly to the display. No need for tangled wires or conversion adapters. WiFi & Miracast is available for screen sharing.
* Compatble with Windows and Android TM operating systems Note: Requires wireless LAN access points to connect Display and devices




Product Description

86″ 4K Interactive Touch Board