The 98” Class PN-VU983H LCD monitor is designed for ease of use and flexibility. Ideal for well-lit environments, this LCD monitor prevents the risk of any on-screen reflections and glare. With their outstanding image quality and 24/7 operation, this monitor can deliver an extraordinary performance either in landscape or portrait orientation.


OPS Support
Sharp PN-VU983H offer compliance with OPS (Open Pluggable Standard). Offering enhanced processing power, OPS gives you the freedom to choose whichever operating system best suits your specific application.


Built-in SoC Controller (System on a Chip)
The PN-VU983H has a powerful integrated SoC controller for PC-less operation to run content on the display, even without a PC.


Embedded USB Media Player
The In-Built USB Media Player allows for Picture, Audio and Video content to be played directly from a USB.




Product Description

98″ 4K Professional Display