Video Wall Processor


VX Series is a high-performance video wall processing device with hardware-based architecture. It caters to fields such as command & control centers, security monitoring, education, research, government broadcasting, information publishing, and exhibitions. VX-Series processor adopts highly advanced image processing technologies such as high-definition video signal collecting, real-time and high-resolution digital image processing.

Its Crosspoint switch technology along with high-speed FPGA architecture ensures the real-time processing of all input signals and the consistency of the data. This further helps to avoid image delay, discretization, frame loss, which guarantee real-time and high-quality video display.


Input source preview and Video Wall live monitoring

With the optional preview card, input source content can be previewed and also the contents on the Video Wall. This preview function is working on both PC control software and APP control.



Key Features

  • Hardware-based architecture with modular chassis
  • Supports multi-windows
  • Supports PIP, cross-screen, and cropping
  • Supports a variety of I/O interfaces
  • Supports built-in app control
  • Supports built-in multi-user access
  • Supports built-in different user rights
  • Supports scrolling text & HD background image with optional function card
  •  Supports redundant power supply with optional redundant power supply



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Product Description

Modular Video Wall Processor with APP control