Enhance collaboration at work through visual communication

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In a constantly diversifying and expanding world, filled with a multitude of people and ideas, the need for visual communications has never been more pressing. The use of these technologies can help your business transcend the geographical complexities of the world, enabling effective communications to occur with the clarity of face-to-face interactions.

Distance is no longer an obstruction in the thoroughfare of international business. Technological advancements have allowed the proliferation of truly amazing developments. In 1972, Ray Tomlinson was credited with inventing the email, allowing almost instantaneous communications, so as long as both parties had access to Internet connection. In the modern world in which we live, this has become the norm with the International Telecommunication Union estimating that around 3.2 billion people are online.

The rapid evolution of communication technology has come to its next phase – visual communications. This will allow businesses to take collaboration to a new echelon. A perfect alternative to impersonal written or telephonic interactions, visual communication allows for a more human experience, facilitating eye-contact, the ability to read facial expressions and the overall tone of the interaction.

Several problems global business corporations face:

  • The unstoppable expansion of trade and commerce means that global enterprises often undertake business in a variety of different locations around the world. Colleagues and clients now face the challenge of communicating through differing time zones, fluxing market demands and often distances of thousands of miles
  • Travelling the vast distances business requires often has numerous ramifications. The amount of time spent travelling to locations puts valued employees out of action. Additionally, the cost of travelling, both in terms of financial expense and the health of the planet, can be great
  • 90% of people agree that a large part of human interaction operates through non-verbal occurrences such as facial expressions and gestures. This makes exchanges occurring over emails and phone calls easy to misinterpret
  • Without a quality form of visual communication, personal relationships are very hard to establish

The evolution of visual communication products has created a new generation of highly advanced and reliable aides. These solutions are now available with products ranging from all-inclusive, complex visual operations to less advanced yet, nonetheless, equally trustworthy products. Your company will undergo a technological evolution, turning static meetings into vibrant and dynamic conferences full of personal clarity and zest.

These real-time interactions will facilitate plenty of benefits:

  • You will experience a boost in productivity and enjoy rapid, crystalline communications across the globe
  • The ability to effectively communicate ideas and share in-depth, complex information in a tangible way with colleagues and clients alike means that existing relationships, as well as new ones will remain as strong as ever
  • Numerous hours spent travelling the long distances business requires will be saved. Additionally, in an era where the health of the planet has become a universal concern, your company’s carbon footprint will be dramatically reduced
  • Travel costs will be significantly reduced without sacrificing the value of interpersonal meetings
  • In industries such as the stock market trade, quick-fire decisions need to be made. Visual communication allows a team to consistently reach the right conclusions without delay
  • When trying to secure the trust of a potential client or a board of CEOs, stimulating an emotional response is vital. Visual communication is the perfect way for you to do this. Unlike emails or telephonic interactions, a visual pitch where human emotions can be gaged will generate feelings of honesty

The ability to hear and see the person you are trying to communicate has a substantial effect on the quality of the communication. Human beings are innately social beings and have been interacting on a personal level for millennia. The personal touch visual communication affords facilitates the development of trust – arguably the most imperative aspect of forming long lasting relationships. Utilizing this method of communication will undoubtedly bring about an unprecedented era of collaboration.

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