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Optimized Visitor Management System


As part of the Sharp optimized solutions, the 10″ Visitor Management System extends the benefits of digital transformation into the reception area. It is a smart, secure, and easy to use platform for visitor, employee, and contractor registration ensuring that you always make a great firsts impression while freeing up administrative resources for more productive tasks.

Simply Smarter Service


With its intuitive software and touchscreen technology, the Sharp 10″ Optimized Visitor Management system provides a really quick and easy way to self-sign-in and out of sites or specific building zones. Saving receptionist time managing guest sign-ins, there’s also no need to locate the visitor’s host. The system will instantly notify them by email or text message that their guest has arrived.


Fast-track sign-in


If a visitor or group of visitors has been pre-registered, perhaps for a conference, then they can sign-in quickly by simply scanning a QR code. Similarly, for returning visitors, the sign-in process is much quicker, as our Optimized Visitor Management system can remember their name and who they visited last time.


Sharp VMS


Features and functions

  • Manage visitor pre-registrations, identity, visitor policy awareness, security alerts, or car-park occupancy with our powerful visitor management system
  • Automatic email notifications or SMS will be pushed to the employee when a visitor arrives
  • Remembers returning visitors, which helps to avoid re-entering their details
  • Make visitors aware of any hazards or incidents
  • Create alerts when a VIP visitor signs in


Visitor Management Software
This product suite is a powerful enterprise-class visitor management application making it easy for reception teams or
non-manned reception areas to manage visitors. Whether you are looking for a simple system to replace a visitor sign in-sheet/book
or a comprehensive solution to manage everything from visitor identity, pre-registrations, visitor policy awareness, security alerts,
or car park occupancy.

  • Visitor Management
  • Employee Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Emergency Management


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Product Description

Optimized Visitor Management System