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When it comes to technology and modern development, the world today is advancing at a lightning pace that our ancestors didn’t even dare dream of. Millennials today are quicker, sharper, smarter and a lot savvier in ways we and those before us were not.

The Education Landscape has always been torn in regards to this advancement. Traditional teaching methods still prove successful and educators are often set in their ways and would rather avoid change. Others argue that if it serves to nurture and enhance the students’ understanding, why should they continue to reject it? They believe the solution is to stop side-lining technology and welcome it to the confines of the classroom, allowing new generations to thrive and excel with the help of new tools created for them. The point here is not to eliminate traditional teaching methods such as the use of pen and paper, but rather meet the students’ technological level by enhancing their experience and modernizing traditional methods to fall in line with today’s world.

This change is streamlined by the introduction of Touch Boards to classrooms. After all, the world has been learning and adapting to touch interaction for years now, preparing itself for the digital age and familiarizing itself with the tools of the future.

So why exactly are Touch Boards useful for the educational landscape and what added value do they bring to the table?

• They’re easier to manipulate, more interactive and more captivating

Educators and teachers have many goals they seek to achieve through their lessons, one of the most important being to find ways to truly pique their students’ interest and urge and encourage them to interact in the classroom and assist in the lesson. The use of Touch Boards in the classroom has proved to increase student-teacher interaction and engagement.

Through various media and demonstrative tools, Touch Boards provide a platform for students to assert their grasp on any subject. It’s a more concrete approach than what has been used until now, one that heightens pupil engagement dramatically by encouraging students to interact through touching, drawing and writing.

Furthermore, the smart nature of Touch Boards means that they’ve been created to track six different touch patterns at the same time – and research is being done to develop boards that can understand as many as ten different touches at the same time – which in turn means that up to six students can work simultaneously together to understand the lesson. This creates a higher level of camaraderie and a more solid team ethic.

• They’re more comprehensive

Blackboards have been a fixture in classrooms since the very foundation of educational institutions. They allow teachers to place emphasis on important parts of their lessons, and help students with visual memory absorb new information more easily.

Touch Boards do not take away the importance of blackboards, aiming instead to enhance it and offer both teachers and students new solutions. Through pictures, illustrations, maps, graphs, charts, games, and videos, students can get a full understanding of the lesson in all its different aspects and through as many diverse media as they need.

The comprehensive nature of Touch Boards is especially useful in higher educational institutions where the work load is much heavier and the material is a lot more multidimensional. They provide information, data and calculations that are typically present in science, technology, engineering and mathematics majors.


• They’re in line with the students’ technological literacy

We have to admit that as a generation who didn’t grow up with this kind of technological widespread, we often dismiss all of today’s gadgets and gizmos as tools our children waste their time with. Phones, smart pads, smart TVs, smart computers, the digital age is hitting its stride and while we are taking our time learning about these new tools, trying our best to integrate them into our daily and professional lives, our kids are growing up with them, adapting to them and adopting them as their tools of choice.

So, instead of side-lining all of these inventions and dismissing them as distractions, the better option would be to use them to the educational sector’s advantage. Children are here to be educated and research has shown that students understand the material more concretely when it is explained through methods and media they’re familiar with. The real challenge here doesn’t lie in the technology itself, but rather the cultural behavior and attitude that surrounds it. By establishing a learning process based on equal intellect, educators avoid looking down on that technology, embracing it instead as a means to connect with their students.


• They allow immediate feedback

Another reason why Touch Boards can add to the teaching experience is that they allow immediate feedback from students. Through touch, image and gestures, students can make the most of the lesson, and it is through that interaction that teachers will be able to immediately assess the strengths and shortcomings of the lesson, allowing room for change and modification where needed.


• They allow immediate access to online information

One of the surest signs of a successful teaching session occurs when students interact and ask questions that steer the lesson in different territories and uncharted waters. Very often in these cases, teachers find themselves excitedly exploring the possibility of introducing their students to more information and offering them more knowledge. Unfortunately, more often than not, teachers are unable to delve further into this new trajectory, simply because they don’t have the proper material and channels at their disposal. One of the greatest assets of Touch Boards is that they allow easy and fast access to online information, embracing the simple and intuitive nature of teaching. Educators can get inspired by their lesson and trajectory to look up as many new topics as they wish, searching for new information and different media online to find new ways to interact with their students.

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