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Sharp has been consistently at the forefront of technology and innovation over the years


Starting from the invention of the innovative twist-type Hayakawa mechanical pencil, which later came to be known as the Sharp Pencil the world over, in 1915, the brand Sharp has consistently challenged and redefined the boundaries of excellence and genius.

The foundation of the brand has never wavered from its commitment to making use of its unique, innovative technology to contribute to the culture, benefits and welfare of people.

For over a century, Sharp has held onto its two principal ideals: Sincerity and Creativity. In doing so, the brand has remained loyal to the words of its founder when he said that the ethos of the brand was to "make products that others want to imitate. “Over the years, Sharp has proven time and again, that by producing many highly original, world-first and Japan-first breakthroughs, pioneering new markets, introducing technological advancements, and contributing to the development of society, they have not forgotten the ideals on which the brand was created.


In its quest to scale new heights of excellence, Sharp Middle East FZE (SMEF) follows 3C’s — the fundamental principles on which SMEF operates.


The activity of the company revolves around the welfare of the customer. Every product is made with the aim of providing solutions, cultivating trust and creating value for the customers.


Nothing great can ever be created in isolation. This is why SMEF has achieved many milestones in the 20 years of its existence with the employees’ collaborative efforts and teamwork. By working alongside partners and customers, and building trust through transparent communication and knowledge sharing, breakthroughs and marvels can be achieved.


Stagnation is never welcomed at Sharp as the brand thrives on constantly pushing the envelope through its groundbreaking and creative products and services that are uniquely Sharp. This has been echoed by Sota Saito, the Managing Director of Sharp Middle East FZE when he said: “Sharp has always been at the forefront in creating innovative products and technologies that change people’s lives. We are moving ahead in realizing the possibilities of 8K+5G ecosystem by introducing our 8K Line up. It is our intention to grow together with our partners, dealers, employees and customers.”


Some of the achievements of creativity and innovation by the brand can be seen through its products. One such shining example is its flagship audio visual product, Aquos The Scenes 8K, which provides new dimensions of immersive experience in living room. Aquos marked its 20 years with a celebration this year. Aquos The Scenes 8K TV has introduced the DW1X series which is the first 'Made-in Japan', Deep Chroma Display Pro 8K. Customers can feel the experience of travelling around the world from home with increasing 8K videos provided on YouTube. Moreover, your movie experience will be further elevated to the next level with the new HDR Enhanced+. DW1X series gives the user the feeling of being there. Needless to say, DW1X series will feature a variety of smart functions which enrich customers’ life to be more fun and convenient.

Aquos is the original coined word, which combines Aqua + Quality, and has been used by Sharp since 2001 as the symbol of ‘New standard home use TV for 21st century’.


Sharp Middle East and Africa, through its local partners, also introduced the newest document solution, 'Residential Printing Service' (RPS) to fit the new norm and meet the demands of the hybrid workspace. Sharp RPS, is perfectly designed to help businesses of all types and sizes, and large real estate management companies in the development and implementation of an effective print solution strategy for their employees or residential tenants. This enterprise solution is ideally suited for residential buildings, compounds and gated communities.

The key focus of Sharp RPS is to allow hybrid company employees to continue their document workflow at pre-pandemic levels without raising the costs. Thus the product is cost-effective, secure and transparent and adds value for residential management companies. And keeping in line with Covid-19 safety measures, Sharp Residential Printing Service also allows users to do contactless print/copy through Sharp’s mobile application Sharpdesk Mobile, (available on iOS and Android™).


One of the most impressive achievements has been the Plasmacluster Ion technology by Sharp which is a unique method for air purification and decontamination. The technology has been patented by Sharp and has been tested and proven to protect against airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens that are prone to be found in the atmosphere. Many successful tests have been carried out in respectable and important scientific and medical facilities. Plasmacluster Ion technology is considered one of the safest and most effective technologies that can track and eliminate airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens with complete safety for the users. Today, more than 100 million units have already been sold globally.

Recently, the Plasmacluster technology was also tested against the novel coronavirus SARS-Cov-2. The results proved the safety and effectiveness of the Plasmacluster Ion technology as it eliminated 91.3 per cent of the airborne droplets of the virus in just 30 seconds.


- The test was performed in a 3 liter volume controlled environment.

- The Plasmacluster ions density used in the testing was 10 million ions / cm3 which may vary from the offered products in the market.

- Sharp Plasmacluster technology has not been tested against SARS-CoV-2 in human presence.

- Sharp Plasmacluster technology has no data for affecting the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

- Sharp Plasmacluster technology efficacy may vary based on the type of the environment conditions and multiple other conditions.

- Using Sharp Plasmacluster technology does not substitute any precautions advised by the local government or global health recommendations including, but not limited to wearing masks and keeping social distances.


Another new addition is, a one-of-a-kind surface disinfectant known as Sharp Photocatalyst, which is long-lasting as well as effective. Once it is sprayed over any surface, it is activated by a beam of light to generate positive and negative ions that are effective against different types of microbes like viruses, bacteria and fungi. The formed coating layer is resistant to cleansing chemicals including soap, and alcohol and acid based compounds, is effective for a year and can be activated by both artificial light as well as sunlight, making it not only long-lasting but effective as well.

Recently, Sharp Corporation tested the effectiveness of the Sharp Photocatalyst in collaboration with Simane University in Japan. Two hours after the surface had been sprayed, there was a decrease in the number of SARS-Cov-2 virus by 99.9 per cent, confirming the efficacy of the Photocatalyst against the virus.


- The light source used in the test against SARS-CoV-2 was 1000lx LED light. - Sharp Photocatalyst hasn't been tested against SARS-CoV-2 in human presence. - Sharp Photocatalyst has no data for affecting the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. - Sharp Photocatalyst's efficacy may vary based on the type of the environment conditions and multiple other conditions.- Using Sharp Photocatalyst doesn’t substitute any precautions advised by local government or global health recommendations including, but not limited to wearing masks and keeping social distances.

Looking towards the future, Sharp has set its business vision on ‘Changing the World with 8K+5G’, and aims to achieve this by continuing to introduce new products and services that meet the expectations of its customers.

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