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In 1915, Sharp founder Tokuji Hayakawa invented the innovative twist-type Hayakawa Mechanical Pencil – later dubbed the Sharp Pencil, the origin of our corporate name. Since that time, an attitude of giving sincere thought to the people who use a product – and of harnessing originality and creativity in the pursuit of convenience and quality – has been the foundation of Sharp.

In May 2017, Sharp published the fiscal 2017-2019 Medium-Term Management Plan. Under this plan, we are pursuing reform in our businesses, arenas of competition, and operations, shifting our focus from defense to offense, and transforming ourselves into a company that delivers people-oriented IoT and an 8K+5G ecosystem on a global scale.

Changing the world with 8K+5G and AIoT

This is the Sharp business vision by which we intend to grow, using 8K ultra-high-definition technologies, 5G technologies, and AIoT, a combination of artificial intelligence and the internet of things.

We will realise a future in which 8K and 5G technologies are used, for example, in telemedicine and remote learning, bringing medical advancements and quality education to every corner of the world. 8K technologies can even be used to reduce food scarcity by causing a dramatic leap ahead in agricultural productivity through usage in pest control and crop cultivation management systems.

We will create smart homes and smart cities with AIoT, in which people live more comfortably and safer. AIoT will introduce greater productivity to smart offices and smart factories, driving sustainable economic development and creating a society in which every person lives true to themselves.

Sharp is transforming faster than ever to bring such future into reality. In more than 100 years since our founding, Sharp has remained faithful to our founding spirit of sincerity and creativity. We still embrace our founder’s ideal to “make products that others want to imitate”.

Over the years, we have produced many highly original world-first and Japan-first breakthroughs, pioneering new markets, introducing technological advancements, and contributing to the development of society.

To make good products in such fashion requires steady engagement, followed by services, platforms, and ecosystems. In this way, Sharp has transformed into an entity that offers original, new value and amazing experiences to our customers.

Sharp Middle East FZE (SMEF) being a subsidiary of SHARP Corporation since 1998 is based in a very strategic location. Dubai being the link between East and West, it provides endless opportunities to SHARP to further contribute towards the improvement of human living and society.

Like any other region, the Middle East, Africa and CIS regions are faced with fierce competition from companies all over the world. By adhering to our basic business creed of ‘Sincerity and Creativity, we are on our journey to be a one-of a-kind company that creates 21st-century lifestyles with advanced technology.

You can find amazing products for the consumer electronics and business solutions on our website –

Besides having a strong team within SMEF, we have also established partnerships across the region ensuring a thorough network of distribution and aftersales service for Sharp products. We, at SMEF, facilitate and serve all our partners/customers and end-users not only with consumer electronics products but also with business solutions B2B product line-up.

More than 20 years of our entity in this region, ample CSR activities has been enrolled and implemented successfully, which promotes an eco-friendly environment and culture.

Sharp Middle East FZE (SMEF) strongly believes in our business philosophy:

“We do not seek merely to expand our business volume. Rather, we are dedicated to the use of our unique, innovative technology to contribute to the culture, benefits, and welfare of people throughout the world. It is the intention of our corporation to grow hand-in-hand with our employees, encouraging and aiding them to reach their full potential and improve their standard of living. Our future prosperity is directly linked to the prosperity of our customers, dealers and shareholders… Indeed, the entire Sharp family.”